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A lot of people ask me “How and where can I start with Power BI?” This question is on one hand very easy to answer and at the same time it’s not because everyone learns in a different way, has other preferences to learn, and therefore there is no one right answer. Because of that I would like to give an overview of different ways to get into Power BI and keep up to date with our favorite BI tool. I’ll update the list from time to time if new opportunities appear.


  • Reza Rad – Power BI from Rookie to Rockstar (free!)
    If you want to learn Power BI from ground zero to sky hero, you would need to read this book!
  • Andrea Janicijevic – Power Query Cookbook
    Andrea’s book gives you a nice intro into Power Query and shows step-by-step how to use Power Query in Power BI Desktop as well as in Power BI Dataflows.
  • Philip Seamark – Beginning DAX with Power BI
    A very good start for DAX in Power BI.
  • Marco Russo & Alberto Ferrari – The Definitive Guide to DAX – 2nd Edition
    This is a must read if you’re working with DAX. The book explains how to write code properly and increase your DAX skills.

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