About Me

Hello dear visitor! Looks like you are interested in the person behind this blog so let me introduce myself. My name is Kristian Bubalo and I’m a specialist in Microsoft Power BI. Working for Microsoft I help a lot of customers understand what Power BI is, how they can use it, what are the benefits of the tool and how to integrate it into their landscape. During the last years I came across different challenges customers and partners are facing. Even if each organization has it’s own unique requirements and needs, some challenges remains the same for everyone.

I’m lucky that I turned my passion – Power BI and BI in general – into my profession and my highest goal is enabling everyone to get the most out of their data with Power BI. Therefore I had the idea to create a blog to elaborate challenges everyone is facing, share some tips and tricks, and talk about best practices I see.

Besides my work for Microsoft I run a Power BI User Group in Zurich, Switzerland. We organize a call each first Thursday of the month from 4-6pm CET to share the Latest & Greatest about Power BI, and invite guest speakers to share current challenges, best practices, solutions, etc. Feel free to join us as well at https://aka.ms/PBIMeetup. I also speak at other User Groups, Meetups, and Conferences if the interest is there and the time allows it. On top of that I’m lecturing on the Berner Fachhochschule and the University of St. Gallen occasionally as a guest instructor.

If you have a challenge with Power BI which you can’t solve and you would like me to blog about it feel free to contact me via LinkedIn and let me know!

As usual a small disclaimer at the end: Even if I’m a Microsoft employee the statements and views expressed on this site are mine alone and aren’t representing Microsoft official statements.