Power BI UG

I’m the organizer and leader of the Power BI User Group Switzerland and as such I invite everyone who is interested in Power BI to join us!

We are a group of Power BI users and enthusiasts, looking to connect with others to have interesting discussions and exchange ideas.

We want this group to be a safe environment that encourages open discussion, exchange of ideas and problems you may face. Therefore, we kindly ask that no members will leverage the information for unsolicited acquisitions of new customers or projects. This group builds on trust, and without it we cannot learn from each other and excel on this topic.

This group is part of the Microsoft Power BI User Group Program. Microsoft is not responsible for content on this website or activities that take place at Group meetings.

Besides the Meetup Website we have a Teams where we share content, collaborate with each other and having regular calls. If you wish to be added to the Teams as well please fill out this form.